San Francisco Tour Guide Guild 25th Anniversary Recognition

San Francisco Tour Guide Guild 25th Anniversary Recognition

After a number of months negotiating with Mayor Newsom’s Office of Neighborhood Services, your Guild was granted a Civic Proclamation acknowledging the San Francisco Tour Guide Guild for 25 years of meritorious service in promoting local tourism.

In addition, the San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau gladly recognized our contribution as cultural diplomats of the local tourist industry for the past quarter of a century.

During our last General Meeting on November 16, 2009, a representative of the Mayor’s office presented the official Proclamation honoring us as “Ambassadors of the City” for the past quarter of a century. In addition, November 16, 2009 was officially declared “San Francisco Tour Guide Guild Day”.

Vice President of Public Affairs, Laurie Armstrong, presented the Guild with a framed Letter of Recognition for the uncountable “Only in San Francisco” experiences our SFTGG guides have provided to thousands of visitors to our City for the past 25 years.

Your Board of Trustees also wishes to thank the Founders and entire membership body for maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism as SFTGG tour guides.

Please click on the links below to see:

The 25th Anniversary Proclamation from the office of Mayor

The SFCVB Letter of Recognition

Photo of the 2009 Anniversary Proclamation

The 15th Anniversary Proclamation presented by Mayor Willie Brown at City Hall to the 1994 Board of Trustees