Craig has been doing tours of San Francisco since he was a teenager.
He dreamed of  being an architect in high school; didn’t have the math ability, his adviser told him.
He did however, fulfill other dreams; to be an actor, sculptor, artist, teacher, tour director & tour guide.
He’s done a few sculpture/art/fountain walking tours for the Guild in the past. Six years ago, the distinguished Bancroft Library-UC Berkeley, asked him to do a series of architecture walking tours for it’s members.
They were a success and Craig now wants to do this tour for the Guild.

10:00 Meet at Flood Building entrance on Market Street.

We will learn why San Francisco is the 3rd most important city for architecture in the US.
Learn about Daniel Burnham, who led the ‘City Beautiful Movement’ here.
The main architects; William Curlett, Clinton Day, Peter Weeks, Bliss & Faville, George Kelham, Albert Pissis, Bakewell & Brown, George Applegarth, and Willis Polk.
Craig will also share history  of Constance Flood, The Three ‘L’s; Lolla, Lotta &Lilly…and much more.
Also included: Sculptures, Fountains & Murals.

2+ Hours/finish near Ferry Building. Those that want; will gather for lunch.

Limited to 20 persons.